Shanghai United Hydrogen

For The Hydrogen Branch

The founder of Shanghai United hydrogen has long year working experience in hydrogen and fuel cell branch. It is now the best time to create a platform to help the people to find the proper components.

In this shop you could see hundreds of hydrogen parts from worldwide, especially from China.

For sure, it is a platform and we also welcome the supplier to contact us to share the information and discuss about the resale of product.

We provide not only the component, we provide also the solution with hydrogen.

We help you to find out the proper solution with green energy.

By combination of solar, wind, lithium battery, Redox Flow Battery, water electrolyser, fuel cell, methanol and other technology, we could provide different solutions to different application, especially for the "mobile electricity", it is quite, safe, and green!

Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen Powered Bicycle
Hydrogen Storage Bottle